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JReviews 2.1.12 released & Upcoming developments:

Roadmap for 2010

* New Paid Listings Add-on for JReviews: This add-on will enable you to easily monetize your JReviews site by charging users to submit listings, or to enhance their listings with more information or by making them featured. Like JReviews, we plan on making this add-on quite flexible.

* JReviews 3.0: T

o A more powerful field system. Among the many changes it will support multiple instances of the same field in a single listing and better search and sorting functionality.
o A media field that will allow uploading of images, attachments and videos in both listings and reviews
o Chained fields, with ajax functionality, that can also be used for categorization. For example, when setting up Country and City fields, selecting a country will enable the city field with the corresponding options for that country.
o Global configuration overrides for each listing type. For example, listing submissions can be controlled by listing type.

...and not-so-small features planned:

* Further GeoMaps development: The GeoMaps add-on has been an incredible best seller. It packs a ton of features and can really change the user experience on your site. They plan on making this add-on even better by improving the location-based search capabilities.

* JReviews Express 2.1: The codebase for JReviews Express will be updated to that of JReviews 2.1, eliminating the use of xajax and replacing it with jQuery. In addition to this, JReviews Express will enjoy the same powerful moderation features of JReviews as well as owner reply to user reviews.

Check out the Jreviews Joomla component at:

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